About The FW Forum

Our Mission

Born out of a need for realistic, emotionally intelligent financial wellbeing conversation, The Financial Wellbeing Forum provides articles, financial coaching, workplace education and workshops to nurture a controlled, confident relationship with money.

It is a compassionate, judgement-free source of information and tools.

My Story

About Clare

Clare’s personal connection to this cause couldn’t be stronger. In March 2019, she found herself struggling with a large amount of personal debt, with no assets or financial safety net.

Since then, she has rebuilt her relationship with money from the ground up, growing a community of 80k people on Instagram, authoring two books and writing for a number of national publications in the process.

Work with me

I work with brands and businesses looking to educate and support their team members and customers in finding financial wellbeing. I provide talks, workshops and webinars, and can offer consultancy for campaigns and wellbeing initiatives, and help brands to reach and engage with their customer base through social campaigns and written content. 

To enquire about working with me, please contact Clare@thefwforum.com

I’ve worked with:

Starling Bank